To increase awareness about the Best Countries to Live

To incentivize Local Tourism among its residents

To promote Tourism Destinations towards key target markets

To showcase Sustainable Development best practices


VIVEWORLD promotes locations as attractive travel destinations, increasing the interest of potential visitors and future residents.

It showcases why each location, business, or destination is a desirable place to visit or live in by highlighting its unique attributes.

  • Defining the Unique Selling Points and the Target Audiences & Markets
  • Experience Marketing: Personalizing the experiences for your target visitors
  • Marketing Campaigns: Producing Video and Virtual Reality Marketing material
  • Social Media: Implementing engaging strategies
  • Influencers: Collaborating with inspiring characters that represent your destination
  • Stakeholders: Involving and supporting local sector’s interests to establish trust and facilitate engagement
  • Media: Engaging and joining forces with other Media Channels like Radio, TV and other Host to support our Destinations